Pin Parvati Trek

Pin Parvati Trek Overview

One of the most recommended treks for experienced trekkers, the Pin Parvati Trek is a heaven for those who are into exciting challenges and want to trek in various landforms. This trek gives you the opportunity of a lifetime and lets you traverse from a pass which is at a height of 17,457 ft.

It is the most sought after Trans Himalayan trek as it gives its participants the chance to watch and feel nature up and close. From the Parvati Valley's woodland and lush meadows to the Buddhist communities in the Trans-Himalayan area of Spiti, the Pin Parvati trek offers the most breathtaking treks. You'll be taken aback by the stark difference in the landscapes, cultures, vegetation, and animals. You may trek from the Parvati valley's rich biodiversity to Spiti's harsh, arid highland desert area in a matter of hours.

The aerial view of the Parvati and Pin Valley is amazing as you go higher to Pin Parvati Pass. The pulley bridge near Tunda Bhuj, the marshes of Mantalai, the green meadows at Odi Thach, the thick woods at Kheerganga, and the glacier close to the Pass are just a few of the unusual experiences that Pin Parvati pass has to offer. The Pin Parvati walk progresses from the chilly, arid Spiti and its distinctive landscapes to the lush, green Parvati valley. It's a long journey that provides trekkers with a tremendous amount of adventure, beauty, and a sense of accomplishment.

Quick Facts of Pin Parvati Trek

Duration: 10Days /9 Nights

Grade: Difficult

Maximum Altitude: 17,457 ft

Trekking Distance: 110 km

Trail type: Continuously ascending trail, with a few sharp ascents

Best Season: July to Sept.

Rail head- The Joginder Nagar Rail Station is the one that is most convenient towards the Parvati Pin Pass.

Airport- Bhuntar Airport in Kullu is the nearest airport towards the Parvati Pin Pass

Snow Season- January to February

Base camp- Rumsu

Service from Start Point of the Pin Parvati pass Valley Trek: Barshani, near Kasol

Region Trans-Himalayan region of Spiti.

Who can participate: It is an incredibly challenging hike with expedition-style elements. This trek is only recommended to those who have previous experience of at least medium level of trekking.

Short Itinerary for Pin Parvati Trek

Day 1 : Trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga (9100 ft)

Day 2 : Trek from Kheerganga to Tund Bhuj (10900 ft)

Day 3 : Trek from Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuwan (11593 ft)

Day-4 : Trek from Thakur Kuwan - Ody Thach (12,400 ft)

Day 5 :Trek from Ody Thach - Mantalai(13,547 ft)

Day-6 :Trek from Mantalai to Basecamp of Pin Parvati Pass(16,188 ft)

Day-7 : Trek from Pin Parvati Pass Basecamp to Pin Parvati Pass (17,400 ft) and Bedu Tanch (14,360 ft)

Day-8 : Trek from BeduTanch to Tiya (13,125 ft)

Day-9 : Trek from Tiya-Mudh (12,500 feet)

Day-10 : Leave Kaza

Pin Parvati Trek Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

Trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga

Altitude: 9100 ft

Duration : 4 to 5 hrs

  • The trek's starting point, Barshaini, is about a 45-minute drive away.

  • After a 3–4 hour walk through the forests, you'll arrive at the stunning meadows of Kheerganga, where your adventure will begin.

  • Take a swim in the hot water spring after arriving at your location for the day to wash the weariness of the journey away.

  • As you take in the stunning nature all around you, enjoy delicious meals at the local Dhabas.

Trek from Kheerganga to Tund Bhuj

Altitude : 10900 ft

Duration : 6 to 7 hr

  • A 15-kilometer trek begins at Kheerganga and passes through lush pine trees and pastures.

  • Since Tunda Bhuj sits at the top of a steep hill, the progress is slow and sluggish.

  • When everything is nearly up, sit beneath the stars, gaze up at the sky, and unwind by making up your own tales by connecting the lines.

  • This neighbourhood will set the bars high as it offers the foremost stunning vicinity with a starry evening of the entire trip.

  • End your day by resting in the tent.

Trek from Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuwan

Altitude : 11593 ft

Duration : 3 to 4 hr

  • Get up in the morning and breakfast will be served to you at the tent.

  • Get ready for the hike which will take around 6 hours from Tunda Gujarat to Thakur Kuwana.

  • Till Thakur Kuan, the trekking trail lets you traverse through a landscape dotted with lakes, waterfalls, and meadows.

Trek from Thakur Kuwan - Ody Thach

Altitude: : 12,400 ft

Duration : 4 to 5 hr

  • Your destination for the 4th day of your trek will be Ody Thach.

  • There will be some perilous river crossings like Pandu Pul which will make this trek more fascinating.

  • These enormous boulder "puls" or bridges have a stairway made of stone on one side.

  • It is necessary to maneuver there with extreme caution, besides guides are available to help.

  • After the bridge, the path goes straight towards Ody Thach, which is a stunning meadow with the magnificent Kullu Eiger peak towering above it.

Trek from Ody Thach - Mantalai

Altitude : 13,547 ft

  • The trip will become more and more delightful as you follow and walk along the Parvati River.

  • With the exception of a lateral moraine rise near the trail's highest point, which can be challenging, the landscape is otherwise level.

  • Spend some time after the climb observing the numerous little rivulets that are spread across a vast area of level ground.

  • The Mantalai Lake serves as the river Parvati's source. Expand your exploration of the earth, take pictures, and find campgrounds where you may spend the night.

Trek from Mantalai to Basecamp of Pin Parvati Pass

Altitude : 16,188 ft

Duration: approx 3 hr

  • Get up very early in the morning and be ready for an adventurous day ahead.
  • Depart from the tent at the crack of dawn and fill yourself with energy for the trek ahead.
  • The adventure starts by wading across a few tributaries and climbing a steep and poorly designated route.

Trek from Pin Parvati Pass Basecamp to Pin Parvati Pass (17,400 ft) and Bedu Tanch (14,360 ft)

Duration : 8 to 9 hr

  • The 7th of your trek is going to be the longest day as you have to trek for almost 8 to 9 hours.

  • Leave the camp between 5 am - 6 am after checking with the weather conditions. You will be moving entirely on snow probably and that too covered with fissures and boulders.

  • You will reach a col after a difficult ascent, where you will practise snowfields. After an arduous rise that lasts nearly an hour, you will eventually reach the pass.

  • Congratulate yourself on making it to 17,000 feet, as it is a tremendous accomplishment!

  • After a brief stay at the pass, be ready to begin your descent via snowfields and moraine areas in order to reach the Pin river in the Spiti valley.

  • After another river crossing, you'll arrive at the campground. Unwind, chat with the other hikers, and have a comfortable night's sleep in your tent.

Trek from BeduTanch to Tiya

Altitude : 13,125 ft

Duration: 7 to 8 hr

  • The journey on day 8 is going to be more familiar, as it is extremely easy.

  • Enjoy Spiti's breathtaking scenery, including the Pin River flowing by, the multicolored mountains, and the big, open meadows.

  • As you trek, you'll pass past a few shepherd camps and cross a few creeks.

Trek from Tiya-Mudh and occupy Kaza

Altitude : 12,500 feet

  • You'll get the chance to see Mudh village, which is located at the base of a mountain and has barley fields, while you go.

  • Learn about the local traditions and customs by spending some time in the village.

Leave Kaza

  • Check out of the hotel after getting up in the morning

  • After that, you can continue on your journey to your desired location or to your residence.

What to Pack for Pin Parvati Trek?

Clothing & Gears
Other Essentials


  • Woolen clothing

  • Waterproof Tracksuit bottoms and jackets

  • Waterproof gloves and windproof coats.

  • Head cover such as a cap or balaclava to protect your head during the trek


  • 1 pair of waterproof, high-ankle trekking shoes with good grip

  • 4 pairs of cotton socks

  • 1 pair of floaters or flip-flops (optional)

  • 3 pairs of woolen socks

Backpack- A robust waterproof bag with a capacity of 60 to 70 litres. The pack must have a liner or be made of plastic.

A trekking pole- Your body is dependent on the trekking pole after your shoes. It helps you lift your body higher as you ascend the mountain while supporting your body while you wait.

Bottled water- During the trip, there won't be water accessible everywhere, thus bringing an own water bottle is advised.

Mandatory Documents

  • Medical Certificate

  • Original as well as photocopy of any government photo identity card such as Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voters ID, etc.

  • Passport and Visa need to be provided by International Travelers.

Other necessities

  • Keep moisturizers on hand to prevent skin damage. Keep chapstick on hand to prevent your lips from splitting and popping.

  • The torch is yet another crucial tool.

  • Personal medical kit with items such as prescribed medicines and common ones for altitude sickness, pain relief, headache, fever, stomach problem, motion sickness, allergies, diarrhea, etc. Also an antiseptic cream, a pain relief spray, bandage and cotton for cuts.

  • Mosquito repellent.

  • Personal items such as toilet papers, sanitary napkins, toothpaste and brush, sanitisers.

General Trivia About Pin Parvati Trek

  • For over 3,000 years, Lord Shiva is claimed to have meditated in this valley. He is thought to have assumed the appearance of a nude, ash-covered sanyasi or naga sadhu. Seasons came and went, and then one day he woke up to see this pristine, stunning environment, which he called Parvati in honor of his spouse.

  • The Ganges, Sindh, or Brahmaputra are three rivers that flow in the Himalayas and make their protracted trips from the highlands to the oceans. The rivers are intertwined with stories, tales, and the ups and downs of countless years of human history.

Know Before You Go to Pin Parvati Trek

Tips for Pin Parvati Trek
Trekking Route
How to Reach
Best Time To Go

There are several life-saving measures you may take in the event that you ever find yourself trekking alone or with a group at a high altitude.

  • If you don’t want to carry your bag and want to offload it, you'll be charged an extra fee. Note that the bag cannot be heavier than 9 kilograms.

  • Wear well fitted hiking boots to stay warm and prevent frostbite from the cold.

  • Get your medical checkup done to ensure fitness before you go on a trek.

  • You must always have some form of identification on you.

  • Do not bring junk food or snacks.

  • Useless plastic water bottles and plastic-wrapped goods should be avoided.

  • Always have a few pairs of warm underwear on hand.

  • Make sure you stay hydrated the whole walk and eat every meal.

  • Carry some basic medicine for fever and cold; carry bandaid and ointment as well

  • Do not get distracted while trekking, which might result in losing your foothold and spraining your legs.

  • The majority of people normally board a bus in Delhi to travel to the starting point of the base camp.

  • Around 510 kilometres separate Delhi from Manali, and it takes between 11 and 12 hours to drive from Delhi to the base camp. From the base camp, the hike begins. The trekking group spends a day in Kheerganga preparing for the journey the next day.

  • The journey to Mudh village takes the first several hours of the next day. The group travels for roughly two to three hours from Mudh Village to Tiya.

  • The journey from Tiya to Shia then comes next. The entire walk takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete.

  • The following stage involves a 5–6 hour walk between Shia towards the Pin camp site. The hiking party then makes their way to Mantalai through Pin Parvati Pass from the pin camp site. In about 12 and 13 hours, one will reach Bedu Tanch.

  • The walk continues from the the next day to Tiya.

By Air The Kullu-based Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport towards the Parvati Pin Pass. The Chattisgarh Airport Terminal is the other airport that is suitable in terms of proximity from the location. From the airport, you will have to take a bus or book a cab to reach the starting point of the trek, Barshaini.

By Rail The next best option to reach the location is by train which requires you to reach the Joginder Nagar Rail Station, which is the nearest railway station to Spiti Valley.

By Road: If you are someone who wants to take in the breathtaking stunning scenery of the valley, then you can reach the location by road from Shimla and Manali. You can either take the Himachal Pradesh government provided buses or book a cab/taxi to Spiti Valley.

Monsoon - June to September

The best season to enjoy the Pin Parvati trek is between June and September, as the snowmelt and the weather become conducive for the journey. Although it might rain in some of the areas, at higher altitude, there is always a bit of warmness and snowfall seen, which eventually amplifies the experience.

FAQ's of Pin Parvati Trek

How Difficult is the Pin Parvati trek?

The hike towards the Pin Parvati trek is challenging and is only suggested to those who have prior experience of trekking. The fact that you are traversing over 100 kilometers and reaching high altitude over 17,000 ft above the grounds proves it is a challenging trek. Further, the trail of this trek consists of boulder stretches, cold river crossings and glaciers filled with rifts.

In addition to challenging terrain, this journey has cooler climatic conditions. If you are not experienced in trekking, it might be harmful to push your body at that high altitude without first becoming acclimated. It is advisable to abide by a fitness regime and do some leg and core muscles work out, which will enable you to walk and climb for longer periods of time without facing any fatigue.

How much does the Parvati Pin package cost in total?

A Parvati Pin pass trek would cost between 33,000 and 40,000 Indian rupees in total. This covers all costs associated with lodging, including meals, lodging, travel, camp equipment, etc.

Is there any mobile network on the Pin Parvati trek?

As far as mobile networks are concerned, Barshaini is the first place and Kaza is the last place where you will have access to the network; during the trek there is little to no chances to get the mobile network.

How far will one travel throughout this trek?

An individual travels around 110 to 105 kilometres, and it is worthwhile to go there.

What gears are required for the Pin Parvati Pass trek?

To make the voyage simpler, one needs a great high ankle. It is advised and required to have a waterproof bag and clothing. A windproof jacket is required. Gloves that are waterproof are required. A good trekking stick is necessary. Thermally insulating innerwear and woollen clothing are necessary for the trek as it is a cold weather place and it will be safe to keep warm clothes by your side.

Are insurance and medical certificates required for the trek?

Insurance and medical certifications are indeed required. Since no medical personnel or trained medical professionals are present during the walk. Even if the doctor provides a group, the hike and mountains won't provide the necessary amenities. Therefore, a medical certificate is required to prove that you are able to deal with any difficult circumstances.


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