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One of the most historical villages in Himachal Pradesh, the Malana Village is a big hit in the tourist community. The small village is well guarded by the peaks of Deo Tibba and Chandrakhani. The natural beauty of the region attracts people from all across the globe to this small village. There is a mystical aura that surrounds the village as it is famous for having a series of weird taboos attached to it, because of which is why Malana is also known as the village of taboos.

If you want to explore this mysterious village up close, indulge in an exciting 6 days and 5 nights Malana trekking expedition in Himachal Pradesh. Here you will not only visit Malana but will also get a chance to explore other major Himachali destinations like Gowrishankar temple, Tripura Sundari, and Roerich art gallery. Once you reach high altitudes, you will be able to explore the peaks of Ali Ratna, Friendship peak, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba.

This exhilarating journey will offer you the magic of the chilly winds, fresh air, tranquil surroundings, lush greenery, and snow-capped mountains to give you memories for a lifetime. Mentioned below is all the necessary information regarding this 6 days and 5-night Malana trek.

Quick Facts of Malana Trek

Quick Facts of Malana Trek

Maximum altitude: The altitude reaches a maximum limit of 8701 feet above sea level.

Grade: This is a long mid-level trek and can efficiently be completed with a moderate fitness level.

Duration of Trek: It will take 6 days/5 and nights to complete the trek

Total Trekking distance: 16kms

The starting point of the Trek: The Malana trek will start and ends in Delhi.

Trail type: Straight paths with a few elevations here and there.

Nearest Railway station: The nearest railway station is New Delhi.

Nearest Airport: New Delhi Airport is the nearest airport.

Snow Season: Snowing will start in October and will last till FebruaryThe base camp of the Trek: Rumsu

Best season: The best time for the Malana trek is from early May to August. This is when the famous summer festival takes place.

Region: Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Who can participate: Although the Trek is long, it is suitable for everyone, including beginners and experts.

Short Itinerary of Malana Trek

  • Day 1: The beginning of the Malana trek from Delhi to Manali in an AC bus. Drop-off at Patlikuhal, from where you will get a jeep ride to Rumsu base camp.
  • Day 2: Trekking for 3-4 hours to reach Ghankulhadi campsite from Rumsu base camp.
  • Day 3: Continuing the Trek for 4-5 hours from Ghankuhadi to reach Chaklani campsite.
  • Day 4: Travelling from Chaklani campsite to the top of Chandrakhani Pass.
  • Day 5: Trek to reach Malana base camp. During the journey, you have to cover sharp descents.
  • Day 6: Exploring the Malana village and reaching Malana Dam to go back to Delhi.

Detailed Itinerary of Malana Trek

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 1

Drive from New Delhi to Manali

  • Total time to finish: 12-hour drive from Delhi to Manali
  • Travelling facilities: New Delhi to Manali in an AC BUS. Jeep ride from Patlikuhal to Rumsu base camp.

What To Pack For Malana Trek?

What To Pack For Malana Trek?
  • Food grade quality plastics water bottle. You can also carry hydrating packs.

  • Some sachets of glucose, ORS, and sports drink to refuel yourself in short intervals.

  • Good trekking shoes that can withstand the challenges of snowy, rocky, or rugged terrain. It should also have an excellent grip to help you overcome the steep ascents.

  • If you are travelling during the snow season, carry UV sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun glares.

  • Go for a superior quality waterproof bag that has a sweat protection layer on the back. The coating will keep you comfortable even when you are sweating. Don't opt for a hefty bag; a 20 -30 Litres backpack should be enough.

  • If your bag is not waterproof, make sure you carry a rain cover.

  • You must also carry a light raincoat with a cap, especially if you are travelling during the monsoons.

  • Carry enough light, breathable clothing like sports T-shirts and innerwear, full sleeve thick jacket. Do not carry heavy clothing like leather jackets, jeans, and more.

  • Always carry a pair of thermal inners and a woollen monkey cap in winter.

  • It is good if you carry a pair of slippers to walk around the campsite. This will give enough breathing space and rest to your feet.

  • Carry a small emergency torch.

  • A Waterproof pouch to carry money, wallets, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, and other valuables.

  • Your trekking guide will have a top-notch first aid kit ready, but they might not have the medications that your doctor prescribed. Therefore you must carry your personal medicine and first aid kit according to your doctor's prescriptions. Make sure to include medicines for mountain sickness, fever, nausea, injury of cuts, body ache/ headache, diarrhoea/ amoebic infections, injury of cuts, crape, and regular bandage rolls.

Know Before You Go Malana Trek

How To Reach
Tips For Malana Trek
Best Time to Go
How To Reach

The journey will start from Delhi air-conditioned bus to Manali. This will be around 12 hours. The bus will drop you at Patlikuhal; from there, you will be taking a jeep ride to reach the Rumsu base camp, which is 10 km from Patlikuhal.

General Trivia About Malana Trek

General Trivia About Malana Trek
  • The people of Malana village have their own administration and are considered the oldest democracy in the world.
  • If any traveller is travelling to this village, then needs to follow the rule of not touching any of the walls, houses, and even the people there.
  • If they do so, then they have to pay some fine to cover the lamb's sacrificial slaughter in order to purify the impure.
  • They need to sign with consent that only the village council would be in an authority position, not the authority from outside.
  • It is believed that the natives of this village are the descendants of Alexander the Great's soldiers. The villagers have a unique lifestyle and their own social structures.
  • The Malanis are extremely proud of their culture and do not like to mingle with outsiders. The villagers have their own set of laws.
  • One can see that no police have ever entered the village, and they do not have any respect for the outside authority. They are a unique tribal community staying away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Why to Go for Malana Trek?

  • This journey will help cover major destinations in Himachal Pradesh, including Manali, Chandrakhni pass, and Malana village itself.

  • You will get to be a part of an exciting 6 days and 5 nights trek to Malana with a great crowd of people who are adventure lovers.

  • During the journey, you will get a chance to visit the Gowrishankar temple, Tripura Sundari, and Roerich art gallery & explore various famous Himalayan peaks.

  • You get to stay in alpine camps amidst a clear starry sky and stunning nature.

  • This entire expedition will be carried out under the guidance and assistance of an experienced guide.

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FAQs of Malana Trek

How difficult is the Malana Trek?

    The Malana trek is considered to be an easy trek. The pathways are straight, and the climbing is also nothing too tough. The only point of concern is the distance covered and the time taken. Since the trek is long, it can get a little tedious for beginners towards the end stages. Moreover, if you travel during the snow season, the dropping temperature can also be a point of concern for newcomers.Thus, Malana trekking requires a high amount of cardiovascular endurance. People having low endurance can jog daily at a slow pace in order to be prepared for this 6-day long trek.

Where does the Malana trek start?

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