Kheerganga Trek Overview

Kheerganga, nestled in the bosom of Mother Nature at the very end of the Parvati Valley, has captivated the hearts of millions with its pristine beauty. It doesn't take much effort to get here, and you'll be rewarded with a dazzling display of nature's bounty. This Kheerganga Trek is remarkable for several reasons, including the starry night sky and the lush greenery during the day, but the hot spring is the highlight. The hike starts in the Parvati Valley at an altitude of 2,950 metres above sea level, is one of the most well-known treks in Himachal Pradesh, and with good reason. Unlike many other Himalayan treks, Kheerganga treks like Kasol Kheerganga trek does not necessitate any prior trekking experience, making it ideal for first-timers. Barshaini, the trek's starting point, is merely a three-hour drive from Manali at a height of 1,189 metres, making it a budget-friendly excursion. From Barshaini, you can take one of three roads to Kheerganga but leaving Kheerganga will take a different path than arriving there, so that you can see more of the surrounding countryside. You'll begin your hike at Barshaini, near the dam on the River Parvati, and make your way to Kheerganga, where you'll spend the night in tents.

You will stop in the villages of Nakhtan and Rudra Nag on the way to Kheerganga. These picturesque villages are great places to rest, take in the scenery, and learn about Himachal Pradesh's unique culture while experiencing its delicious cuisine and quaint cafes. Eventually, you'll reach the Rudra Nag temple, an ancient shrine to Lord Shiva that attracts many devotees every year who become swept up in the place's fervent spiritual atmosphere. As you make our way up to Kheerganga, you pass another beautiful landmark: the Rudra Nag Waterfall. The water here is clean and refreshing, so you can fill up your water bottles here before heading to the adjoining cafe for some hot drinks. Also, there are hot springs at the trail's finish, and they're great for soothing tired muscles and aching joints. The natural water of these hot springs is a milky white colour, and a soak in it is claimed to provide a calming and meditative effect. This journey to Kheerganga is unlike anything else in the world, and you may even run with shepherds tending to their sheep in the surrounding fields.

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Quick Facts of Kheerganga Trek

kheerganga trek

Maximum altitude: 9700 feet (2956 meters)

Grade: Easy to moderate

Duration: 3 Days and 2 Nights

Trekking distance: The approximate Kheerganga trek distance is around 26 kilometers that includes ascent and descent.

Trail type: Not a round trail as there are three trek routes but a smooth one

Rail head: Joginder Nagar Railway station

Airport: Bhuntar Airport

Snow Season: Between November to February, Kheerganga is blanketed in snow.

Service from: Delhi to Kasol

Kheerganga Trek Starting Point: Kasol Base Camp

Kheerganga Trek Best Time: March to June

Region: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Who can participate: Anyone above the age of 7 years can participate in the Kheerganga trek

Short Itinerary for Kheerganga Trek

Day 1: Start your journey to Barshaini on Day 1 by taking a bus or calling a taxi from Kasol. It will take around an hour to make the trip. Distance from Barshaini to Kheerganga is 12 kms, and the hike should take about 5 hours. While hiking, you may take in the otherworldly beauty of the Parvati valley and pay a visit to the temple dedicated to the dragon god, Rudranag. The highlight of the hike is a refreshing dip in a natural hot spring. You may rest assured that this is something you will never forget. You can spend the night under the stars after your hike.

Day 2: Today, you must spiral downward while you reflect on yesterday's wonderful event. It's a 12-kilometre trek yet again. Since the precipitation the previous night was unexpected, it's best to take it slow and steady as you make your way down the next day.

Day 3: After having covered the entire Kheerganga trek distance, on the third day you reach Barshini where you finally kick back in, have lunch, and take it easy. Then, get a cab or a bus from Barshaini to Kasol to finally make your way to Delhi.

Kheerganga Trek Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
trek to kheerganga

Kasol to Chalal excursion

Altitude: 5180 feet

Distance: 300 meters

Duration: 30 minutes

When you get to Bhuntar/https://www.Kasol, take a deep breath of the clean air and enjoy the sights of the magnificent hills before making your way to the campsite in Kasol using the local transportation system at your own expense.Before reaching Chalal, take some time to wander Kasol's "Little Amsterdam," a collection of streets filled with tourist traps and Israeli cafes.Spend an amazing day in Chalal, and then retire to your tent for the night.Relish a delicious meal while dancing merrily in the glow of the fire.Stay the night in Kasol.

General Trivia About the Kheerganga Trek

trek to kheerganga

Legend has it that Goddess Parvati used the hot water from this spring to prepare kheer for her son Kartikeya. According to legend, Kartikeya spent a considerable amount of time in meditation at this location. Ganesha and Kartikeya were asked to circumnavigate the globe by Shiv and Parvati, according to another mythology.

The elephant-headed god Ganesha made a circle with his parents Shiva and Parvati, insisting that they were his whole world. Kartikeya, on the other hand, set off on a global tour. After some time had passed, he returned to find Lord Ganesha basking in the perks of his status as the favourite child. Kartikeya was outraged and felt betrayed by this. He came to Kheerganga to escape his rage and has been living there ever since.

Deity Parvati visited, bringing kheer to feed to her displeased son. There's also the myth that kheer just magically materialised one day. So the name "Kheer ki Ganga" came to be. In Kalyug, both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati saw it for what it would become: a cause of conflict. Thus, they prayed to Lord Parshuram, requesting that he drain the kheer. When Lord Parshuram was finished, there was nothing but hot, boiling water and no kheer left. According to legend, the Kheerganga waters also contain healing elements and powers. It is stated that a dip in these waters can help treat a variety of medical conditions.

Know Before You Go to Kheerganga Trek

Tips For Kheerganga Trek
How to Reach
Trekking Essentials
Trekking Routes
Best Time to Visit
Kheerganga Trek
  • This first and foremost rule is Do not litter, and please remember to take home your used plastic bags and any waste for proper disposal.
  • There is no need to worry about running out of oxygen or becoming ill due to the elevation gain, but you should reconsider your plans and head back to Barshaini if you find yourself having trouble breathing or otherwise feeling unwell.
  • Kheerganga has a zero-tolerance alcohol policy, however you may find a cafe where you can enjoy a soft drink or hot beverage.
  • The trail becomes extremely hazardous during the monsoon or after snow has begun to melt. Always use caution, but especially now.
  • Kheerganga is accessible all year round, however the monsoon and winter months are the worst. A phone call ahead of time to find out the current state of things is recommended.
  • When descending, one's full weight goes forward, making one more prone to slip and fall. Don't be in a hurry; take your time walking.
  • While a guide isn't strictly necessary, it's highly recommended if you have the means to do so. Whether it's helping you pitch a tent or pointing out landmarks along the way, they can make your stay here a breeze.
  • If you want to go hiking during the winter, you need a guide.
  • You should avoid bringing any alcoholic beverages or tobacco products near the lake.
  • It is imperative that you keep the atmosphere respectable.
  • Kheerganga is a place where you should probably bring some snacks and chocolates from home because the prices of food there are quite high.

Why to Go for Kheerganga Trek?

You must set out on the Kheerganga trek because it is one of the easiest treks and anyone above the age of seven years can undertake it without any formal fitness training. Upon reaching the peak at over 9,000 feet, hikers on the Kheerganga walk are treated to stunning views of the parvati valley, as well as great meadows, forested paths with pine trees, a couple of cascades, and traversing settlements along the way. You'll learn from the villagers why Lord Shiva's son Kartikey chose to spend a millennium in meditation in this spot. Kheerganga's magnificent Parvati Kund — the sacred hot water spring — is the perfect place to unwind when the weather outside becomes chilly. Kheerganga is a fascinating example of cultural crossover, with its surprising blend of Indian and Hippie traditions. The sunset view and hiking through the Kheerganga trees are both worth seeing and photographing, and camping beneath the starry sky at the peak of the Parvati Valley is a great way to clear your head and relax.

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FAQs of Kheerganga Trek

How Difficult is the Kheerganga trek?

    Kheerganga is not a particularly difficult hike, thus it is ideal for beginners older than seven years. However, you should still do some light jogging, stretching, and breathing exercises on a weekly or biweekly basis or on the weekends to get your body ready for the route in preparation. The trek is appealing in every season, any month, whether it's the dead of winter in December or the height of summer in May, and the trekker can select when to go on the journey based on his or her personal weather preferences. It's a quick and simple journey that can be accomplished by anyone, including young children. The Kheerganga trek distance encompasses a total of 24 kilometres (14 miles), and while the terrain does get slightly harsher in some places, the average hiker should be able to complete the walk in two to three days.

Is the Kheerganga trek challenging for first-timers?

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