Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Chanderkhani Pass Trek Overview

The Chanderkhani trek is a stunning and adventurous path situated in Kullu valley and is known to be one of the best trekking destinations near Manali. Acting as a bridge between Kullu and Parvati Valley, this pass offers its trekkers beautiful landscapes and lush green trails during every season.

Situated at the height of 3650 m above sea level, the Chanderkhani pass trekking Is a great experience for beginners due to its moderate difficulty and easy gradient. Tourists who take this journey get to experience the splendor of popular mountain ranges like the Parvathi range, Bara Bangal range, Pir Panjal range. The area around the trick is also known as the “valley of gods”, due to a thousand year old legend of Hindu culture. The trick offers some of the most beautiful Alpine pasturelands and stunning panoramic views of the valleys and the himalayan peaks. Surrounded by a mixed range of Deodar, Oak, Blue pine tree forests, hikers are greeted by nature at every step of the way. Trekkers are also exposed to the vibrant cultures of different small himalayan villages on their way. Many beginners start their trekking journey with this modestly difficult trek and experience the beauty and thrill of nature on their journey.

Quick Facts of Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Maximum altitude: 12,030 ft

Grade : Easy to Moderate

Duration : Five days

Trekking distance : 26 km of trek

Trail type : Easy walking Trail

Rail head : Joginder Nagar Railway

Airport : Kullu Manali Airport

Snow Season : January

Service from : Parch service by BSNL and Airtel

Base camp : Chiklani Basecamp

Best season : Summer Season

Region : Kullu Manali

Who can participate : Beginners/ Modest Trekkers can participate in this trek as the trails and hike have an easy gradient.

Short Itinerary for Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Day 1 : Trek begins from base camp at Naggar, from there an hour long journey to Rumsu and then trekking for 5-6 hours till Stelling pastures.

Day 2: From Stelling trekkers will continue their 5-6 hour hike to Chiklani Basecamp (3450m above sea level)

Day 3: Trekkers hike from Chiklani Basecamp to the Chanderkhani Pass trekking for hours before descending to the Nagruni Thach. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks.

Day 4: From Nagruni Thach to Malana the downhill trek can be steep at times, trekking for approximately 5-6 hours before the day comes to end.

Day 5: Continue the trek from Malana to Jari, where they will get into vehicles to continue their journey forward to Kullu.

Chanderkhani Pass Trek Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • Trekkers will start their experience of Chanderkhani Pass tracking by assembling at Naggar.

  • During their time at Nagar they will be surrounded by stunning views of pine, Golden Oak,cherry, and walnut trees.

  • After this the group of trekkers will begin their journey of the Chanderkhani Trek, towards the Rumsu village which is nestled 2150m above sea level.

  • At the village the checkers are offered delectable lunch, after which they continue the trek towards Stelling pasture on a clear route.

  • After trekking for approximately 5-6 hours, as they reach Stelling pasture, they will relax and take a stop for the night.

  • The group will wake up to stunning views of beautiful fauna and a wonderful sky in the pasture stretch.

  • After enjoying their morning at the pasture, the group will start their journey of the Chanderkhani trek again, hiking for the next 5-6 hours towards Chiklani Basecamp.

  • Today, the group will stay at the Basecamp and can enjoy the stunning views of the majestic hills and forests under the moonlight.

  • The tents will be available for the group at the Basecamp to test for the night and gather energy for the climb of the next day.

  • On the third day of the exciting Chanderkhani Pass trekking experience, the group will begin the ascent to Dhalakda Pathar.

  • After reaching Dhalakda Pathar, the group will continue their journey of Chanderkhani Trek on the ridge of the main pass as they feel the adrenaline rush and thrill amidst nature.

  • Enjoy the beautiful and majestic peaks of Bara Bangal range, Pir Panjal and Parvati range.

  • After spending time soaking in the beauty of snow clad mountains, scenic valleys and charming fauna, the trekkers will begin their ascent towards Nagruni.

  • The ascent will take the trekkers on steeper trails and they should keep each step carefully as they arrive at the camp at Nagruni.

  • This day the trek down to Malana is often steep and tricky, however still pretty safe even for modest trekkers.

  • On the way the group will be surrounded by lush fauna and peaceful vibes, with conifer forests.

  • Upon reaching Malana village after the 5-6 hour trek, the group can spend their day mingling with the locals and exploring the region.

  • Rest for the night at the tent campsite to get ready for the trek to Jari next day.

  • On the last day of this trip the group will continue the journey downhill by a marked route to Jari.

  • On the way the group will be greeted by beautiful fields and a woody area of stunning Deodar trees.

  • After reaching Malana Nallah, the group will continue to Jari and from there they will get a ride to Kullu.

  • Upon reaching Kullu the group will separate, as the Chanderkhani pass trekking experience comes to an end.

General Trivia of Chanderkhani Pass Trek

The stunning and modest trail of Chanderkhani trek is a beautiful experience accessible to even modest trekkers. The area around this trek is also referred to as “Valley of gods“. This is because of a historic religion that is associated with this region in which Jamlu, A Hindu deity was carrying the gods in a basket and crossing this region. As soon as the deity entered the area of this trek there was a sudden wind which blew away all the gods from the basket. After this the gods fell on the ground at different places and each port turned into various peaks, the ones that are standing tall till today. These various peaks came to be known as Bara Bengal, Parvathi Range, Pir Panjal range, and Deo Tibba. This amazing folklore, the stunning views and the majestic peaks attracts thousands of visitors every year to this wonderful Chanderkhani pass trekking experience.

What to pack for Chanderkhani Pass Trek ?

Accessories & Others


  • Trekking shoes: Trackers should keep in mind to carry shoes of good quality with good grip and great ankle support for their trekking experience.

  • Backpack: It is important to carry a backpack that has 30 straps and a good supporting frame. Also if traveling during monsoon season they should keep a rain cover for the backpack.

  • Trekking equipment: Although most of the time these equipment are provided by the travel operator. However, if the package does not include these equipment it is best to carry the best quality essentials on your own.


-Layers of warm clothes: Since you will be thousands of meters above sea level it is important to carry enough sweaters and a padded jacket to protect yourself from the cold winds and weather.

  • Trek pants: It is important to carry light cotton track pants as they will need to be comfortable enough to walk around in for hours and that too at such off beaten paths.Full sleeves T-shirts: to prevent any sort of sunburn on the neck or arms it is important to carry full sleeve T-shirts with collars.

-Thermal wear: Always carry thermals both for top and bottom to keep yourself warm during the nights as the temperature drops. Avoid wearing the same thermals during the trick as they might get dirty or sweaty.

Accessories & Others

  • Sun protection: Always carry along with you sunglasses, sun cap, hand gloves and sunscreen to avoid sunburns during the trek.

  • Torch: A good quality torch is a must for trekking and hiking.

  • Toiletries: Always carry your own toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, and maybe a pair of toilet paper.

  • Medicine: Make sure you carry a mandatory personal medical kit with all the basic medication that you might require during the trek.

Know Before You go to Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Tips For Chanderkhani Pass Trek
How To Reach
Best Time To Go

The Chanderkhani Trek is one of the most beautiful and beginner friendly treks that can be enjoyed amidst the Himalayan peaks. This experience offers beautiful vistas of majestic mountains, lush green forest and pastures and stunning sunsets amidst the Himalayas. Even though the trek is beginner friendly, it is important to keep in mind that safety is ensured by following certain tips and tricks.

  • The Chanderkhani pass trekking is surrounded by an eco friendly zone, and therefore littering is prohibited and may be fined

  • Always carry basic medications and first-aid kit along with yourself during the trek trek.

  • No matter what season you travel in it is recommended to carry warm clothes and thermal wear as the temperature drops during the night.

  • For trekking visitors should carry appropriate trekking shoes instead of sports shoes.

  • Always listen to the guides and instructors as they are more experienced in the region and will keep you safe.

  • Before starting the trek always keep in mind to acclimate yourself with the conditions of High altitude atmosphere and weather.

  • Always carry a valid ID and essential documents in your backpack.

  • Carry along with yourself dry snacks, packed lunch, food from home as it will save you a lot of time and money.

  • Instead of buying plastic water bottles every time, carry water bottles from home that you can refill at the various campsites and stops on the way.

  • Do not pack anything unnecessarily and always keep the luggage to minimum to avoid any hassle.

By Air: The journey of this checking experience begins from Nagar which is located close to Kullu Manali. The closest airport is the Kullu Manali airport that is located in Bhuntar which is approximately 50 km away. From Bhuntar to Manali, tourists can take a cab or taxi. The airport is well connected to Chandigarh and Delhi, with regular flights of Indian Airlines.

By Rail: There is no railway station near the starting point of this trek and the four tourists will have to travel extra by road if they choose Rail transport to reach the destination. The closest railway station, Joginder nagar railway station is located 163 km from Manali. From the stations trekkers will have to take a cab or a bus to Naggar.

By Road: The cheapest and most convenient transport method to reach Nagar is via road. Visitors can travel by bus directly to Manali from where Nagar is just 27 km away or we can hire a taxi service to reach directly to Naggar.

The Chanderkhani pass trek is a safe and beginner friendly experience for all modest trekkers. It is one of those experiences that trackers can enjoy throughout the year in all seasons. Even though the peak season for this trek is during the Summers, each season offers a great experience of its own.

  • Winter season: During the winter season the trek region experiences extremely cold days and therefore is less crowded. However, warm clothes and layering comes to the rescue of those who wish to enjoy this trail during the snow seasons. Make sure to keep yourself warm with layers and layers of warm clothes. Also, keep an experienced guide with you all the time, to help you enjoy the experience in such conditions and that too safely.

  • Summer Season: this is the peak season for this amazing experience as trekkers get to enjoy great views and the temperature is also very favorable. The trekkers will get to enjoy beautiful landscapes of green pastures and fields as well as experience cool breeze under the clear sky. During this season, the area experiences comparatively much more crowds than any other season throughout the year.

  • Monsoon Season: The Chanderkhani Trek experiences occasional rain during the monsoon season. Trekkers will experience a bit more difficulty than summer season and the unpredictable weather will add to this. However, the fauna is at full bloom and the lush green landscapes are a sight to enjoy.

Why to Go for Chanderkhani Pass Trek ?

The Chanderkhani Pass trekking experience is suitable for trekkers of all levels. Even beginners and modest trekkers can enjoy the easy gradient trails that this pass has to offer. As tourists climb up on different trails they are greeted by enchanting and stunning views of natural landscape, forested areas with walnut, golden old and wild cherry trees as well as majestic mountains. As the trekkers reach the top at the Chanderkhani trek, they get to see the panoramic views of Himalayan peaks such as the Bara Bhangal Range, Parvathi Range, and Pir Panjal range. The five day trek is brimming with beautiful scenery and amazing sunset on its beginner friends trails.

FAQs of Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Can beginners enjoy the Chanderkhani trek?

Yes, the Chanderkhani trekking experience is beginner friendly and offers stunning views for the modest trekkers. They need to be experienced trekkers for this but they do have to be in good physical shape to walk for hours at one time.

How Difficult is the Chanderkhani pass trek?

The Chanderkhani Trek is one of the relatively easy trails and beginner friendly experiences in the himalayan peaks. However even though the top of this trek is relatively low in elevation, it is advised that those who embark on this journey or physically strong and fit fit. All the trekking groups are guided by experts and trained professionals with high quality equipment at their disposal.

But equipment and guidance can only help till a point, and therefore all the trekkers should be in good physical shape and fit enough to walk for 5-6 hours every day, approximately 2000-3000m above sea level. Also, the trekkers should be able to keep the weight of their backpacks on their shoulders at all times as they need their hands free. It is best if the trekkers prepare their body and mind with a few weeks of training before embarking on the thrilling journey in real time.

Do trekkers get a mobile service during their trekking experience?

Unfortunately, the mobile service is limited and only accessible at certain places during the trek. The service for all operatives is very patchy and even amidst them only BSNL and Airtel work most of the time. Therefore trekkers should keep at least one sim of these networks.

What is the highest altitude that trekkers get to during the Chanderkhani trek?

The Chanderkhani Trek top is relatively low as compared to other well known treks in the region. Trekkers will cover long trails in the 5 days of their journey as they reach the top, 3650 m above sea level.

Is the Chanderkhani Pass trek safe?

Yes, the Chanderkhani Pass trek is safe, even for modest trekkers. This amazing trek offers stunning views with expert guides helping the trekkers all along the way.

Where is the last accessible ATM located on the Chanderkhani trek?

The last ATM is accessible to the trekkers at Naggar, and it is advisable to take some cash from this ATM or before.

How to prepare for Chanderkhani Trek?

Even though the Chanderkhani pass trekking experience is beginner friendly, it is important to be in good physical and mental health. Trekkers should start long walks, strength and endurance training a few weeks before the actual trek. Also, it is advisable to acclimate before starting the climb, as the weather and atmosphere on high altitudes is different.

What peaks are visible from the top of Chanderkhani trek?

As the trekkers reach the top of the Chanderkhani pass trek, they get clear views of the Parvathi range, Bara Bangal range and the Pir Panjal range.


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