About Treks in Uttarakhand

Treks in Uttarakhand are all about delight and thrill through the forested trails that take you to the majestic Himalayas and alpine lakes. Uttarakhand is a hilly state in India that draws the majority of visitors as hikers through the enthralling Himalayas. Trekking in Uttarakhand shows you the best routes to get across the Himalayas, whether you select the 5-10 km easy trails or walk on tough terrain for 14-15 days. Har ki Dun trek, Nag Tibba trek, Kedarkantha trek, Valley of Flowers trek, Brahmatal trek, and Rupin Pass trek are some of the most popular treks in the state. The majority of Uttarakhand treks are done in the winter when the towering mountains are peacefully covered in snow covers. Besides the lush greenery and scenic beauty, Uttarakhand treks are a religious sentiment for many devotees as temples of Tungnath, Kedarnath, Rudranath, Chandrashila, etc rest peacefully on the mountaintop. The Chopta Tungnath trek through the Kedarkantha Wildlife Sanctuary is one of many religious hikes available. It takes you to one of the highest Shiva Temples in India through snow-covered terrain. Apart from religious treks, there are many treks that make you explore the high-altitude hamlets like Nag Tibba trek. Depending upon your experience, you can choose the desired trek.

Long Treks in Uttarakhand

Taking long treks in Uttarakhand is the best way to make the best out of your hiking experience. This is because you get to travel on a variety of landscapes like the greenest meadows, muddy forests, or cold barren mountain deserts. Most of the religious pilgrims board the longer Treks in Uttarakhand for days to visit the temple. These Long treks usually start from 6 days and reach a maximum of up to 14-15 days of trekking. Based on your fitness levels, experience and enthusiasm, you can choose to take easy or difficult level treks best in the months after June. Each trek makes sure you reach a whopping altitude of 16000 ft to witness marvelous views of the Himalayas. Some popular long treks are Brahmatal Trek, RoopKund trek, Rupin Pass trek, Har Ki Dun trek, etc. There are some of India's toughest treks, such as the 5,110-foot Auden's Col trek, which is among the most challenging ones.

kedarkantha trek
Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most beautiful treks that take you to the summit at an altitude of 12,500 ft. The enchanting trek is covered in the white world of snow through the thick pine forests of Govind National Park. The 6-day trek starts from Sankri Village and lets you cross the beautiful alpine lake Juda ka Talab, and witness breathtaking views of Mount Bandarpooch, Mount Kala Naag, Mount Swargarohini, and Mount Ranglana, etc.

brahmatal trek
Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek is a classical winter trek that takes you to 12,618 ft high in the Himalayan skies to witness the alpine Brahmatal Lake. The religious lake holds the significance of Lord Brahma meditating here. The trek is an intermediate-level trek letting you witness snow-covered peaks and move through the dense forests of Rhododendrons. Another highlight of the trek is the brown Color of Bekatlal Lake. Once you reach the top the captivating views of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti mark their presence.

valley of flowers trek
Valley Of Flowers Trek

Staying true to its name, the Valley of Flowers is one of the enchanting treks in Uttarakhand for beginners to witness the fairy tale of flowers in their full bloom. Millions of flowers with different colors shine in their own aura at 11,811 ft above the ground. Nicknamed “Phoolon ka Ghar”, this valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can move further the flowers to feel the positive vibes of Hemkund Sahib. The holy Gurudwara resting on the banks of Hemkund- The lake of snow!

Roopkund trek
Roopkund Trek

Starting from Lohajung, the RoopKund Trek takes you to the alpine lake of Roopkund at an altitude of 16,499 ft. The enchanting lake is known as the “Mystery lake of Uttarakhand” due to its mesmerizing charm. The trail takes you through the traditional villages of Wan, and Didna. You can travel on the zig-zag trail to catch sight of the popular green meadow Bedni Bugyal and pay respects to Kallu Vinayak Temple. One of the rarest things to see is the rare golden Himalayan magpie.

Har ki dun trek
Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek takes you to a whopping altitude of 11,675 ft above sea level to witness the charm of Swargarohini peaks. The trekking route is considered holy as Pandavas took the same route to heaven. You can cross the dense forests of Deodar Trees starting from Sankari Village. The trail lets you catch the wonderful sight of the greenest meadows, alpine lakes, and rhododendron forests for 7-days.

chandrashila trek
Chandrashila Trek

Chandrashila Peak lies 13,000 ft above sea level and is an extension of Tungnath Trek as it is just 1.5 km away from the Temple. The Chandrashila Peak is mostly covered with snow and presents you with the mystical white views of winter. You can catch the beautiful sight of Mount Nanda Devi, Mount Trishul, and Mount Chaukhamba from the high-altitude peak. There, you can visit Chandrashila Temple as well to witness the place where Lord Lakshman meditated.

Chopta Tungnath trek
Tungnath Trek

Tungnath Trek is one of those religious Treks in Uttarakhand that takes you to the World’s highest Shiva Temples through a stunning trail of forests, meadows, and snow fields. The holiness of the temple is showcased by the red and yellow flags embedded in belief on the trail. The trail ascends through the Rohini Bugyal Village and the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are lucky for the day, you can witness red foxes and musk deer. The further part of the trail is through the forests of scarlet rhododendrons, and Deodars to reach the Holy Temple.

kedarnath trek
Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath Trek is one of the most popular religious pilgrimages of India that starts from Gaurikund. The trail starts through the thick forests and gets thicker from the point of Bheem Bali. You need to put in extra effort for steep climbing while the charm of the majestic Himalayas follows you throughout the trekking experience. Once you reach the end the vibrant colors of the holy temple, its positive vibes, and its aura are enough to provide you with a fulfilling trekking experience.

kuari pass trek
Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek lets you reach the staggering altitude of 12,516 ft through the thick forests of Conifer, Oaks, Birch, and Rhododendrons. The forest trail may let you enjoy close encounters with Leopard pugs and black bears. Upon reaching the top, you can witness the charming views of Mount Nanda Devi, and the summit of Dronagiri, Chitrakantha, Tali Top, and Chaukhamba. The alpine rivers of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi mark their presence high in the skies through 6-day Kuari Pass Trek.

backpacking for rupin pass trek
Rupin Pass Trek

The seven-day Rupin Pass Uttarakhand trekking packages take you 15,250 ft high in the sky through the Garhwal region Himalayas to witness stunning views of Kailash Peak. The 8-day and 7-night trek is rated moderate to difficult and serves intermediate and pro-level trekkers. Once you ascend the trail, the Rupin River welcomes you with all its heart. The trail passes through glacial valleys, beautiful meadows, snow fields, and whatnot!

Dayara bugyal trek
Dayara Bugyal Trek

The Dayara Bugyal Trek is all about reaching the 12,000 ft high alpine meadow to witness the charm of Himalayan peaks like Bandarpoonch, Kala Naag, Srikhand Mahadev, and Gangotri. It is an ideal weekend trek that starts from Barsu to cover a 29 km distance. The trail takes you through deep valleys covered with snow blankets. Once you start trekking, you notice that the temperatures go down to a whopping -4 degrees in the 4-day short trek.

Trekking in Rudranath Trek
Rudranath trek

Rudranath Trek takes you to a high-altitude temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the Garhwal Region of the Himalayas. You can trek either one of the villages from Urgam, Helang, or Sagar. The mystical temple of Shiva is nestled between the dense rhododendron forests and alpine meadows. The elevation of the temple is 7513 ft above the ground level and it is one of the most significant pilgrimage yatras in India. This temple trek is a part of Panch Kedar- and the toughest one to trek!

Pindari Glacier Trek
Pindari Glacier Trek

The Pindari Glacier Trek lets you witness the confluence of the Pindar River with Alaknanda at Karnaprayag through the 9 km-long glaciers. You cross the villages of Dhakuri, Khati, Loharkhet, Diwali, etc. Taking you to the best trekking places in Uttarakhand at a staggering height of 12,370 ft above the grounds of Phurkia, the Pindari Glacier trail makes you cross the dense forest of Rhododendrons, scenic alpine lakes, wooden bridges, and Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

kedartal trek
Kedartal Trek

Kedartal Trek is all about witnessing the beauty of Kedartal Lake nestled next to Kedar Bamak Glacier at an altitude of 15,583 ft. It is one of the toughest treks as you get to cross the “Spider Web Trail'' before reaching the glacial valleys. As you reach the stunning lake, you notice that the alpine trees encircle it beside the glacier. You can catch the holy sites of Gangotri and the peaks of Mount Thalay Sagar and Mount Brigupanth.

Dodital Trek
Dodital Trek

Lying 13,615 ft above sea level, Dodital Lake starts from the Sangram Village and flourishes all the way to the Agora settlement, Bamboo forests, and Bhebra River. Suitable for first-time trekkers, the trail passes through the lush forests of oak, and first to the green meadows. You can find that the enchanting river’s bank touches the ancient holy Ganesha temple for you to pay your respects.

Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Pangarchulla Peak Trek

Pangarchulla Trek is a short 6-day trek that takes you to an altitude of 15,069 ft above sea level. The other name of this trek is Lord Curzon Circuit which goes through Garhwal Hills. The Uttarakhand trekking packages take you through the rugged terrain of dense jungles to reach the peak of the Pangarchulla drenched in snow. Once you reach the top, you can witness the breathtaking sight of Nanda Devi, Lampak, Hathiyaar, and Mana peaks.

gaumukh tapovan trek
Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan is a religious trek that allows you to take a holy “Dubki” in the Bhagirathi River. You can dip in the water nestled at a height of 14,222 ft high above the skies. The trail is covered with fragrant flowers and green meadows. The gigantic Gaumukh Glacier in the shape of a cow is visible throughout the trek. The 8-day and 7-night trek starts amidst the holy cities of Rishikesh, Gangotri, and Bhojwassa.

Hemkund sahib and Valley of flowers trek
Hemkund Sahib Trek

Trekking to Hemkund Sahib is one of the most blissful things to do owing to its positivity and grandeur. It is the highest Gurudwara in the World situated at a staggering height of 15,200 ft. The trail follows the UNESCO World Heritage Valley of Flowers. As you trek from Ghat to Ghangaria, you can witness River Pushpawati, and the mesmerizing confluence of Devprayag, Rudraprayag, and Karnaprayag.

Short Treks in Uttarakhand

Going on short treks in Uttarakhand for beginners is a great way to explore the beauty of the state in a quick way. The alpine beauty of the lakes and the greenest meadows can be witnessed in a short time. Usually, these short treks range from 1-2 days to 2-3 days for a quicker experience. These short treks are sometimes referred to as weekend treks because people find time out of their busy schedules to witness Himalayan beauty. The weekend treks follow an easy-to-moderate trail and require you to sleep overnight just for a single night. The maximum gainable altitude in this short trek is the range of safe acclimatization. Some of the best short treks in Uttarakhand are Nag Tibba, Daraya Bugyal trek, Deoria Tal, Rudranath Trek, etc are some of the examples of Himalayan short treks.

nag tibba trek
Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is a short 2-day and 1-night trek that takes you to the highest peak of Uttarakhand. Upon reaching 9914 ft high in the Himalayan skies through thick forest trails, you can take a guided exploration of Naga Tibba and its nearby attractions. From Naga Tibba, the incredible views of Gangotri Peaks, and Kedarnath Peak are visible clearly.

deorital lake trek
Deorital Trek

Deoria Tal, also known by the name of Reflection Lake, rests 7,998 ft above sea level in the mighty Himalayas. The crystal clear lake provides the best reflections of the Chaukhamba Range and the tallest trees. One of the easiest treks for beginners, you can visit this translucent lake and spot deers drinking water from the lake as it lies in Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary.

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Do we require any permit to trek in Uttarakhand?

    Usually, a large number of treks in Uttarakhand require no permit. But there are a few treks that require permission from the forest department, Sub District Magistrate, Gram Panchayat, and Inner Line Permit.

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