About Trekking in Sikkim

There are many treks in Sikkim that are unique and unexplored and present to you the true beauty of the Himalayas of India and Nepal through its close border treks. The breathtaking views of Mount Everest, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Simvo, Mount Pandim, Mount Baruntse, and Mount Chamlang are visible during the treks. The trekking experience of Sikkim takes you through a trail that passes from the forests of Rhododendrons, Oaks, Firns, Magnolia, and Bamboo forests. Most of the trail comprises either of the greenest meadows or is covered with snow owing to the month of visit. If you choose to experience flourishing forests and witness blooming vibrant wildflowers, you must choose the season of summer from March to June. But if you are a fan of the white world of snow, you must visit around October and November when the snowfall starts. These Sikkim treks range from easy to difficult levels, starting from 1-day to 19-20 days trek. All of these treks require the permission of the Forest department for you to start, owing to location and accessed fitness levels. You can try out some of the most popular treks like Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Dzongri Trek, Goecha La Pass trek, Phoktey Dara Trek or the Green Lake trek.

Short Treks to do in Sikkim

Taking short treks in Sikkim is a great way to explore the state’s beauty on an easy-to-moderate trail. The short trekking experience in Sikkim presents you with the best of the North Eastern State in your short journey through the lush greenery and mythical flora and fauna. The short treks are classified from single-day to multiple day treks. Some of these treks let you explore old-age monasteries and tea plantations. The enchanting short trek of Tinjure Trek takes you 6000 ft high in a single day round-trip. The trek is usually taken by enthusiasts during the weekends to witness the stunning looks of Mount Kanchenjunga and Teesta River. Another short trek in Sikkim is Lhaba Tarum Tsachu, a 6-day short trek that offers you so much even in the short duration. You can witness the breathtaking views of the Himalayas from a high altitude and pass by the captivating route with forested slopes in the green meadows and rhododendrons.

Treks in Sikkim
Tinjure Trek

Tinjure Trek is a one-day trek starting from Gangtok to reach a height of 6000 ft in a single day. It is some of the only 4-5 km long treks in Sikkim that starts from Golitar and takes you to the top of Tinjure point to present you the panoramic views of Teesta Valley, and Gangtok with Kanchenjunga Mountains marking their presence. This track is rated A++ on cleanliness and you will not find any single piece of garbage on the route.

Long Treks to do in Sikkim

Taking Long Treks in Sikkim is a great way to challenge yourself through moderate to difficult-level trails ranging from 8-10 days to 18-19 days allowing you to cover a trekking distance between 50 to 90 km. These treks are usually enjoyed by Intermediate to expert-level trekkers but some beginners with exceptional physical capabilities experience the thrill. Some of these treks are just lengthy instead of difficult, but others offer you steep ascents/descents. These treks let you rest for acclimatisation as some of the days make you gain high altitudes. The trail of these treks takes you through long dense forests, cold barren mountains, green meadows, and traditional high-altitude villages. The maximum attainable altitude is approximately 17,000 ft- 18,000 ft in a span of 10+ days. Phoktey dara Trek, Green Lake Trek, Goechala Trek, Tholung Trek, Dzongri Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, etc are some of the coolest long treks in Sikkim.

Phoktey Dara Trek
Phoktey Dara trek

Phoktey Dara Trek makes you travel through the forests of Rhododendrons, bamboo, and magnolia to reach 12245 ft in the skies. The 7-day and 6-night trek takes you to various points to witness the mystical views of the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas. The incredible views of Mount Everest, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Simvo, Mount Pandim, Mount Baruntse, Mount Chamlang, and Mount Tenzing Khang are visible from the top point. One of the main highlights of the trek is the wonderful sight of enchanting animals like the Red Pandas, Kalij Pheasant, Satyr Tragopan, Red Crossbill, and Parrotbills.

Sandakphu Trek
Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek is a long trek that lets you witness the “Sleeping Buddha” mountain group. Popularly known as “Trekker’s Wonderland” in the world of trekking, the trek takes you to the height of 11,930 ft to witness panoramic views. The trek lets you to Singalila National Park and dense forests of blooming Rhododendrons. The scenic trail presents you with a high-altitude pond- the “Kalapokhri” pond. The trekking experience happens between close Indo-Nepalese borders.

green lake trek
Green lake trek

The Green Lake Trek is one of the most enchanting treks that lets you uncover the beauty of Green lake at an altitude of 16,191 ft. The Northern Part of Sikkim is the most unexplored region through trekking and this trek lets you camp near the closest point of the lake. The trail takes you through rugged topography that opens soon into blooming flowers, and vibrant orchids. The hidden gem amidst the high altitudes presents you with 360-degree views of the mighty Himalayas like Twin peaks, Kanchenjunga, Simvo, etc.

Singalila trek
Singalila Trek

Singalila Trek is one of the longest rewarding treks in Sikkim that showcases the panorama of Mount Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Mount Kanchenjunga. The 17-days and 16-nights trek take you on interesting trails through rhododendrons, silver firs and orchid plantations. The scenic trail includes cascading rivers and the greenest meadows, all the way up to Singalila Ridge. One of the main highlights of the trek is colored Danphe Birds- the Impeyan Pheasant. The highest point of the trek takes you to the top pony at 12,140 ft above the sea level.

Goecha La Trek
Goecha La Pass

Goecha la Trek takes you to a maximum altitude of 16,200 ft in the Sikkim skies to admire the charm of Mount Kanchenjunga. The challenging and long trek extends up to 11 days for you to conquer 14 summits to reach the top. Some of the highlights of the trek include Samiti Lake, Kanchenjunga National Park, views of Mt Pandim, etc. After completing the long trekking distance, you reach the Goechala Pass Viewpoint 1 to witness sunrise views of Kanchenjunga.

Tholung Trek
Tholung Trek

Tholung Trek is a beautiful blend of road exploration and trekking through the Himalayas. The journey starts with an exploration of Gangtok and its attractions that include monasteries, zoological parks, educational institutions, and many more places. The trekking experience explores Upper Tholung with Kishong, Changley, Singhik and many more awe-inspiring spots. The trail is a combination of simple ascents with craggy terrains where you can witness the Tholung River, Tea Plantations, and Tropical Forests.

Dzongri trek
Dzongri Trek

Sikkim-Dzongri Trek lets you explore the North Eastern region of India up to the soaring heights of 16404 ft. The main goal of the Dzongri trek is to reward you with the mesmerising views of Mt. Pandim 6691 m, Mt. Kabur north 7338 m, Mt. Kabur south 7317 m, Mt. Kumbhakarna. During the track you cross various campsites at Sachen, Bakhim, and Tshoka villages to reach the Dzongri peak. It is one of the best treks in Sikkim that follows the path of the greenest meadows, dense rhododendron forests, and steep ascents with views of flourishing rivers by your side.

Kanchenjunga Base camp trek
Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek takes you to a staggering height of 17,000 ft to reach the base camp of the World’s third highest mountain. One of the most adventurous and unexplored treks of India, Kanchenjunga Trek is a gift to adventurous souls as the trail follows rough and long paths with steep ascents and descents. The trek takes you through lakes, tribal mountain villages, rhododendrons, and the greenest meadows with views of the Rathong and Talung ranges.

FAQs About Treks in Sikkim

Which are the best treks in Sikkim?

    The best treks in Sikkim are Singalila Trek, Goecha La Trek, Kanchenjunga base camp Trek, Sandakphu Trek, Versay Trek and the Dzongri Trek These treks are long enough to showcase the beauty of Sikkim with different views of the Mighty Himalayas. Whether exploring the high-altitude monasteries or following a path of Rhododendrons and green meadows, these treks are once in a lifetime kind of experience.

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What is the best season for trekking in Sikkim?

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