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The picturesque landscapes of the Himalayas come to life as you take some of the best summer treks in India. Along with melting snow, verdant valleys, and blossoming flowers, you can also hear distinctive bird calls and see unique mountain wildlife in its native environment. The summer treks in India will give you the chance to enjoy starry nights spent camping, lush green alpine meadows and frozen-over lakes with crystal clarity. All hikes in the Indian Himalayas become accessible at this time for people of all difficulty levels wanting an adrenaline rush. One of the most beginner-friendly summer hikes in India is the Hampta Pass that has exceptionally tranquil and pleasant weather. Outstanding views combine with camping beneath a sky filled with sparkling stars to provide an amazing experience. The breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks like Kala Nag, BandarPoonch, and SwargaRohini, are another highlight of the Har ki Dun trek. If you are a mountain peak aficionado, you should go on the Beas Kund Trek, one of the popular summer treks in Himachal Pradesh.

Popular Summer Treks to do in India

The best way to escape the heat and feel the chill is to take summer treks in India in the mountains, where winter is always in effect. The entire Himalayas, from Jammu and Kashmir in North East India to Assam in the South, provide excellent trekking possibilities for everyone, right from novices to experienced mountaineers. If you are a seasoned climber, and want to satiate your adrenaline rush, then you must go for Everest Base Camp trek which is one of the most popular summer treks in India. With dramatic sweeps of topography ranging from lush green mammoths to crisp, contrasted plains of wildness, Hampta Pass trek offers you an incredible show of various scenery. The Valley of Flowers, which is 14,100 feet above sea level, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This alluring valley remains frozen throughout the winter, but as soon as summer arrives, the snow melts and it starts to bloom into a youthful beauty.

hampta pass trek
Hampta Pass Trek

At 14,000 feet, Hampta Pass is one of the spectacular summer treks in Himachal Pradesh. The verdant Kullu Valley, which has woods, grasslands, and flowering flowers, is on one side of the walk. On the other hand, Lahaul's austere, nearly dry terrain with its bare mountains and scant vegetation may be seen.

valley of flowers trek
Valley of Flowers Trek

The Valley of Flowers National Park offers visitors an ethereal vista and an amazing experience with the magnificent Himalayan peaks serving as the backdrop. The Valley of Flowers National Park occupies an area of 87 sq km in the Chamoli district.

bhrigu lake trek
Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake is a high-altitude Himalayan lake close to Manali that is situated at an elevation of 14,100 feet. The lake is regarded as holy because Maharishi Bhrigu is reputed to have meditated there in the past. The trip to Bhrigu Lake is renowned for its endless expanses of meadows. This makes this walk the most alluring quick hike in the Himalayas.

Short Summer Treks to do in India

There are numerous quick hikes in India that are ideal for mini-adventures if you only have a few days and are itching to escape to the wilderness. You'll get to spend a few nights in the woods, go camping, and see some incredible vistas on these quick Himalayan excursions. Kheerganga, located at over 10,000 feet, is one such trekking place which will reward you with views of wonderful meadows, pine-forested paths, a few cascades, and passing through cities. Another magnificent treks in the Himalayas, the Triund walk is located at a height of 7700 feet and is referred to as the heart or crown of Dharamshala and McleodGanj. Prashar lake Trek and Churdhar trek are also some of the short summer treks in India which you can enjoy with your tribe.

Kheerganga trek
Kheerganga Trek

One of the most popular short summer treks in Himachal Pradesh is Kheerganga Trek , which is situated at a height of roughly 2950 m. Kheerganga, which is tucked away in the Parvati Valley, offers trekkers a multitude of unforgettable encounters!

triund trek
Triund Trek

In the Himachal Pradesh province's Kangra Valley, at a height of roughly 2,828 meters, sits the lovely hamlet of Triund. It is regarded as the center of McLeodganj and Dharamshala, from where the journey starts, and has a somewhat challenging trail. In this short trek, you will find the trails covered in lush grass, Rhodeodaran forest, oak, deodar, and pine.

Prashar lake trek
Prashar Lake Trek

A blue-water lake known as Prashar is located in the Kullu Valley and is encircled by the Dhauladhar hills. During your trek, you will pass through picturesque paths that pass by multiple rivulets and a woodland. As the trail also passes through communities, one can experience the local culture in the meantime. The hike provides a full 180-degree view of the Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and Kinnaur mountain ranges.

churdhar trek
Churdhar trek

If you want to trek on the highest peak outside of the Himalayas then Churdhar Peak Trek is the one to go. The Churdhar summit can be approached from three different directions, however, the one from Nauradhar in the Sirmour district is the shortest and most well-known. You will pass through a short 56 square kilometer woodland reserve surrounding the top, making your trek a great experience.

Long Summer Treks to do in India

The long yet best summer treks in India offer a thrilling experience that will carry you to vast altitudes. You can observe the melting of the snow in the mountains and the rebirth of the lovely flora from the frozen ground. Mountain views, grasslands, meadows, rivers, forests, streams and alpine lakes are some of the visual treats you will give yourself with these hikes.The Swargarohini series of peaks may be seen in fascinating detail from the Har ki Dun trek, which is located at an elevation of 12,000 feet above sea level. You may get breath-taking views of Nanda Devi, the second-highest peak in India, by trekking to the Kuari Pass. You can just treat your eyes to breathtaking views of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers in all their splendor by walking along the trail. Beas Kund Trek, Roopkund Trek, Sar Pass Trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek are other long treks which you must take when planning your long summer treks in India.

goecha la trek
Goecha La Trek

The stunning vistas of the massive mountains are the main incentive to complete the Goechala hike. 14 additional significant summits are visible in addition to the Kanchenjunga. April and May, the spring and summer months, see them bloom with pink and red blooms.

Har ki dun trek
Har Ki Dun Trek

One of the best long hikes you will ever take is the Har ki Dun trek with Ruinsara. There are mountain views, forests, pastures, meadows, rivers, streams, and even an alpine lake in addition to its intriguing ancient culture. When compared to other summer excursions, this track is hardly taxing on the legs, making it the ideal trip.

Roopkund trek
Roopkund Trek

The Roopkund Lake, which is a small 2-meter-deep body of water, is surrounded by kind Himalayan ranges. The heart-pounding climb to Roopkund begins in Lohajung, a little pass in the Garhwal Himalayas located at 16,499 feet above sea level. During your 59 km long excretion, you will pass by rock-strewn glaciers, forests and alpine meadow of Ghora Lotani. Last but not least, the trek will also take you to Bhagwabasa which is covered with barren landscape and raw beauty.

kuari pass trek
Kuari Pass Trek

One of the unique long summer treks you can take in India is the Kuari Pass Trek. During your journey, you’ll pass through historic forests with oak and rhododendron trees. The trail enters meadows just as your eyes adjust to the forest canopy above. The walk is quite thrilling because of the interaction of the various types of scenery. On this walk, you get to camp in some amazing places.

Beas kund Trek
Beas Kund Trek

Around Manali, the long Beas Kund trek is very popular as it leads to the river's source, which runs through the town. Views of the luxuriant green meadows that grow beneath the tops of the three tallest mountains in the area of Manali are yours to take in. This emerald kund divides into streams and cascades down into the boiling Beas river before coming together.

sar pass trek
Sar Pass Trek

The Sar Pass is located in the Himachal Pradesh district of Kullu at a height of roughly 13,580 feet above sea level. One of the pleasant treks in India is the Sar Pass, which offers a number of topographical changes during its journey. Kasol, the base camp for this hike, is once again a well-liked destination with the population of people who are still youthful at heart.

FAQs About Summer Treks in India

What are the top summer treks in Uttarakhand?

    • Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trek : Chopta Valley, one of the top summer treks in Uttarakhand is located at an elevation of 2,680 meters. Enjoy the breathtaking vista of Himalayan peaks including Nanda Devi, Trishul, Kedarnath, and Chaukhamba as soon as you reach the summit.

    • Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek: The Nanda Devi Base Camp trek takes you through the higher Kumaon districts and rewards you with breathtaking views of Nanda Devi. You will enjoy a spectacular view of the nearby mountains, including Nanda Devi, Trishul, Panchachuli peaks, and Nanda Kot.

    • Gaumukh Tapovan Trek : Experience the highest point at 14,222 feet while taking part in the holy tradition of bathing in the Bhagirathi river. Take a look at the quick hike to Bhojwassa, which is sparsely vegetated and frequently compared to the Arctic Tundra region.

    • Roopkund Lake Trek : Roopkund is a high altitude hike in Uttarakhand that begins at the base of Trishul Peak and Nanda Ghunti. It is renowned for its enigmatic surroundings and breathtaking visual splendor.

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