About the Destination:

Blessed with the beauty of the mountains and the lush green valleys of Kullu Hampta Pass trek is definitely the trek you should conquer this time. This magnificent trek takes you through some of the beautiful views you will ever see. From the pass, you see the Lahaul valley in one wide all-encompassing scope. It is one the most dramatic twists in the landscape. Continue your trek and you will come across the stunning views of the green meadows and the cattle’s grazing. 

Hampta Pass trek is considered to be one of the easiest treks which are suitable for novices as well and the most convenient one in the state of Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning to take this trek then the best time is during the month of May and June and August through October. The reason why Hampta pass is famous trekking zone is snow; the pass has lump sum snow which draws more tourists. 

This enchanting route will take you through the best views of the amazing boulders Gendrame and Rani Nallah.  You will come across mind blogging and magical glaciers and snows all along your way. Spend some time staring at the Lahaul and Spiti and also the beautiful Pir panjal and Spiti. As for the nature lovers and the shutterbugs you will have the best time in the bosom of nature and also click some memorable pictures.

About the Trek

Considered as an easy trek, this trek can be easily done by beginners. It has a trail with hundreds of variations geographically: beautiful landscapes, open grasslands and meadows and the glacial valleys would turn your adventure mode on. Here is a five-day trek starting from Manali to Chika and then to Jobra taking you to Balu ka Ghera. Cross amusing boulders and then move to Shea Goru via the mighty Hampta Pass. On the way to Shea Goru, you will witness breathtaking glaciers and cornice formations. 

Start your trek from Manali and from there leave for Chopra on your first day. The trek initiates the same day from Allain Guhugal Hydel Project junction. Pass through the meadow or climb up the hill on the left-hand side. On your second day, you will start your trek from Chika to Balu ka Gher. The variety of the trails is gigantic; grand scenes, open green fields and knolls, icy valleys, simple access and an outstanding, gutsy and hair-raising intersection of the pass makes this trekking undertaking to Hampta pass an energizing one. 

On your third day, you will trek from Balu ka Gera to Shea Goru which will be for 8 hours until you reach Shea Goru. On your fourth day, descend from Hampta valley. Also, get a chance to enjoy camping near the Chandra Tal. You will end this exciting trek on the fifth day.

Hampta Pass Trek Highlights:

- The whole region is blessed with the beauty of the dense forest and enchanting views of the mountains. Get a chance to witness such views while you are on this trek.

- Enjoy camping at Chandra Tal under the billions of stars. Also, enjoy a small bonfire with your friends.

- Trek through some of the most alpine and forests of fir, Rhododendron and Oak.

- Witness the awe-inspiring summit views to the warmth of the forest greens and the distant mountains while on the trek.

- Feast your eyes with the views of amazing boulders, Gendrame and Rani Nallah.

- Also, taste the local cuisine of this region while you head out for this trek.

Quick Facts:

Temperature:  Day: 13°C-18°C and Night: 0°C-7°C

Trekking Distance:  34km

Maximum Altitude: 14,100ft

Difficulty Level: Moderate 

Airport: Bhuntar airport which is 52 km away from Manali

ATM: You will ATMs in Manali


  • Day 1 - Manali to Chika via Jobra

    Reach Manali and then start a drive to Jobra which would take around 1 hour.

    The trek initiates the same day from Allain Guhugal Hydel Project junction.

    After some time in the beginning of the trek, you will enter the small roads through the pine forests.

    20 minutes passed, you will reach a bend that overlooks a lush green meadow strewed with small rocks.

    The Rani Nallah flows in between the replenishing meadows.

    Pass through the meadow or climb up the hill on the left hand side.

    At the end of these vast meadows comes Chika where you would stay tonight in the camps near the lake Chika.

  • Day 2 - Chika to Balu ka Ghera

    From Chika, trek to Balu Ka Gera, a gradual descent for around 5 hours.

    After breakfast start your day with a small walk and then cross the river.

    Later, take a right turn and cross the Rani Nallah and then reach the destination for the day, Balu ka Gera or Heaps of Sand.

    A flat ground with the silent river flowing on one side will create a hypnotizing ambience.

    Overnight stay in camps in Balu Ka Gera.

  • Day 3 - Balu ka Gera to Shea Goru

    Trek to Shea Goru today post breakfast and today you will cross the highest point of the trek at Hampta Pass.

    The trek will be moderately steep for the day and then steep descent from the Hampta pass.

    Proceed for an 8 hours of trekking until you reach the beautiful Shea Goru.

    Overnight stay in camp at Shea Goru.

  • Day 4 - Shea Goru to Chatru

    Descend through Hampta valley; in the beginning it is easy and then it become trickier.

    Watch the Pir Panjal Ranges while you walk past the valley.

    If road and weather condition permit, head to Chandra Tal camp site for camping after having a hot lunch at Chatru. If not, you will reach Chatru directly and camp over there tonight.

  • Day 5 - Chandra Tal to Manali via Rohtang Pass

    On the last day of the trek, you will travel to Manali from either Chandra Tal or Chatru according to the second last day's ending.

    Cross Rohtang Pass and reach Manali to conclude this five day trek.


  • Stay in camps on sharing basis


  • All Meals Included
  • 7
  • Egg & Veg.


  • Trekking

Other Inclusions

  • Trek equipment
  • 7
  • Permits
  • 7
  • First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder
  • 7
  • Qualified & experienced trek leader, guide and support staff


  • Transport from Manali to Jobra and back is included

Things To Carry

  • Comfortable footwear
  • 7
  • Extra set of clothes
  • 7
  • Woolen clothes
  • 7
  • Camera
  • 7
  • Necessary medications


  • Rs. 300/- extra per day per bag for potter, payable on the spot
  • 7
  • To avoid frost-bite from freezing temperatures, wear proper fitted trekking boots to keep warm
  • 7
  • For proper blood circulation, avoid wearing thick socks or more than one pair of socks
  • 7
  • Instead of denim jeans, wear track pants
  • 7
  • Avoid carrying snacks and junk food
  • 7
  • Do not use disposable plastic water bottles, plastic-wrapped items
  • 7
  • Always carry a couple of pairs of thermal innerwear
  • 7
  • Wear waterproof jackets and gloves
  • 7
  • Always pack light and carry only the essentials
  • 7
  • It is mandatory to carry your identification proof

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Cancellation Policy

  • If any cancellations are made before the start date of the trip, 100% of booking value will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the operator will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity. However no refund will be provided for the same.

Refund Policy

  • No Refund Applicable on this Tour

Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
  • 7
  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
  • 7
  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking and a full refund will be processed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the best time for Hampta Pass Trek?

      Hampta Pass one of that trek which one that can be done any time of the year regardless of the season. Ideal time to enjoy this wonderful trek is from the month of June to September.Daytime temperature level will be in an average of 13 to 18 degree and at night it drops to 0 degree. The temperature drops down ever more in the month of September. Because of the snow, June has a special place for all the trekkers. Hence, a team of adventure lovers have pointed out that mid-June can be considered as the best time to do a thrilling trek to Hampta Pass.

    2. What is the level of fitness expected from the participants?

      Hampta Pass trek is considered a moderate level trek. It is advisable to spend enough time getting some additional exercise before taking up this trek. It is mandatory to be physically fit, for all treks. A thorough medical check-up is recommended for all enthusiasts before taking up this trek.

    3. What are the clothing and equipment that need to be carried from our end?

      Here is the basic checklist which should help you with your packing. As a general rule, it is advised that you should try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. It is ideal to carry a backpack [40-60 L] and include the following – Trekking shoes, Thermals, Synthetic Trek pants, T-shirts, Top and bottom thick Fleece, wind-proof jackets, sunglasses, LED Torch, Head Torch, Trekking pole, Socks [2-3 pairs], synthetic hand gloves. You need to also carry a day pack of around 20 L which will hold all the toiletries – Light towel, Sunscreen [with high SPF formulation], moisturiser, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitizer, water bottle, Garbage bags, dryflo tube/buff, Poncho, Power bank, warmees [in case you feel cold] and medicines – Diamox 10-15 tablets, Crocin 5-6 tablets, Band-aid pack of 10, Cotton roll, soframycin, O2 [Diarrhoea], Moov/Relispray, ORS/Electral 8-10 packets, Avomine [Motion Sickness]. It is advisable to consult a doctor for medicine before packing

    4. Which type of shoes should I carry?

      One needs proper trekking shoes during the trek and should strictly avoid sports shoes or sneakers. Since you have to walk in dense forests along with steep ascent and descent, it is advisable to have all-terrain water proof shoes. These are easily available. It is also advisable to walk in these shoes and get your feet used to it before the trek. Here are some brand recommendations – Forclaz, Columbia. Quechua, Zamberlan, Lafuma, Conquest and The North Face.

    5. What kind of food will be provided during this trek? What about safe drinking water?

      Freshly cooked food will be served during the trek. Vegetarian food will be served to the group keeping both health and taste in mind. Tea and Coffee will be served during the breaks. All the members are encouraged to eat well. Safe drinking water will be provided to all the members

    6. How much weight will I have to carry?

      It is advisable to carry a 60L backpack for this trek. Furthermore, weight to be carried will depend on your requirements and capacity.

    7. Will there be mobile connectivity?

      Mobile network is inconsistent during the trek. Most of mobile networks do not work for most part of this trek. BSNL is the only mobile network that work in patches along the way (but is inconsistent).

    8. What about first aid and medicines?

      Carrying medicines is important while trekking anywhere in the world. We will be carrying a first aid kit, but it is advisable to carry your own set of medicines after consulting the doctor. During the trekking, access to pharmacies is not easy. So, it’s better to carry first-aid kit. You can pack Crocin 5-6 tablets, Band-aid pack of 10, Cotton roll, Soframycin, Moov/Relispray, ORS/Electral 8-10 packets, Avomine [Motion Sickness]. It is advisable to consult a doctor for medicines before packing. Your first-aid should have anti-diarrhoea medicine such as O2, Roko, Lopamide but make sure that you don't take it unless getting to a toilet isn't an option.

    9. What is the difficulty level of Hampta Pass Trek?

      HamptaPass is considered a moderate level trek, beginners can try this trek only if they are physically fit. It is advisable to spend enough time getting some additional exercise before taking up this trek. You can start jogging every day and then do cycling for some time. Taking the stairs without any breaks is extremely helpful to keep yourself fit.

    10. Can I have liquor or smoke while we're on the trek?

      Consumption of any type of liquor or narcotic substance should be avoided and it can lead to dangerous implications. Alcohol also leads to dehydration, which you cannot afford during the trek. Smoking will cause heavy breathing problems at high altitude.

    11. How is Hampta Pass Trek weather?

      In the month of June and July, moderately warmer climate can be experienced. Daytime temperature varies from 13 to 18 degrees and it falls into 0 to 7 degrees at night. In September, the climate will become colder with slightly lower temperature during day time as well as at night. Snow fall can be expected at different points on the trek till early days of July and if it is raining, then the snow will melt away.

    12. Is Diamox is advisable?

      While you are trekking in high altitude region, you are prone to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) whose symptoms are – headache, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, dizziness and difficulty in sleeping. To overcome this Diamox is helpful. It is advisable to keep it handy or to have 1/2 a tablet in the morning and 1/2 a tablet 30 minutes before bed [kindly consult your doctor before taking any kind of medicines].

    13. How do I get in shape?

      Hampta Pass is considered an easy to moderate level trek, anyone can try this trek if they are physically fit. Regular cardiovascular workouts will help you get in shape for most of the treks. Taking the stairs without any breaks is extremely helpful to keep yourself fit. You can start jogging every day and then do regular cycling for some time.

    14. What are washroom/toilet facilities like on the trek?

      Every professional trek organiser carry toilet tents during the trekking. There are separate tents for both women and men. One needs to carry wet wipes and toilet paper with themselves which will suffice. A deep pit is dug up, where you do your business and once done cover it up with enough dirt. A room freshener is kept handy by organiser and tents are properly sanitized.

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