9 Epic Himalayan Adventures of 2016

  • 01Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2017, Srinagar

    Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2017, Srinagar
    • d8 Daysn7 Nights
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    • About the Destination:

      One of the prettiest attractions in India is Kashmir and the famous Kashmir Great Lakes trek is one among the best treks in the Himalayas. There are hardly any other trek come at least similar to the beauty possessing by Kashmir Great Lakes and thus the routes to the lakes have immense peculiarities making them unique. Five beautiful alpine lakes come together on a single trek and it is obviously a rare feature you can find on any Indian trek. All the lakes have different geographical features and they seem to be competing each other to find out which one is better. Trekkers have equally acknowledged that the snow patches that feed the lakes are the primary reason for their beauty to be enhanced. It is a lucky chance if you witness white icebergs floating on the surface of the lakes.

      Kashmir as all of us know is a celestial surprise and the regions here look almost like fairy tale kind. The most surrealistic attractions in Kashmir have already won millions of hearts and still there are some more natural sights to be witnessed. Kashmir great lakes are a part of them and the major one among the five lakes that is Dal Lake is in Srinagar, the land of many landscapes and awe-inspiring attraction. Another sought-after place here is Sonamarg. The meadow of gold already cast its spells on the visitors who came here before and you are invited to indulge in the precious land. Apart from Dal Lake, Vishansar Lake or Gangabal Twin lakes are the component factors making this trek captivating.

      Forests of silver birch, alpine meadows, tall peaks, verdant green fields and glaciers at many points are the permanent welcoming gang on your way to visit the lakes and in total it would come around 63km. Here is a chance to re-discover the amalgamation of many natural elements for a good cause of sustaining the heavenly beauty and uncover what makes Kashmir Great Lakes Trek a trove for adventure and nature enthusiasts seeking a thrilling experience of trekking in India. July to September is considered to be the best time to visit these lake. The best part about the trek is that you will get a chance to see five beautiful lakes together and each reflecting the beauty of the other. 

      Along with the lakes, the important thing you should take a glance at during this trek is the tall peaks in the Himalayas visible at a distance but they make an incredible background to each of these lakes. The shimmering peaks would do wonders when the sun starts appearing around. Adding to it the golden flowers in bloom, the dark blue sky and the lush green grass will seem like just another heaven on earth.  Each day of the trek holds something new for you which you will cherish for a lifetime.


      About the Trek:

      If you are impressed about the clourful pictures of the Great Lakes, then it is time to select this eight day Kashmir Great Lakes trekking package to involve in the discovery of unseen beauty of nature somewhat present only in Kashmir region. The trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek offers a lifetime experience for all the nature lovers and the trekkers. The thundering hush of the Kashmir lakes and its virgin excellence is enchanted. Start this wonderful trek from Srinagar with a visit to Dal Lake, one of the five extremely beautiful lakes listed in this trek.

      On your second day, Sonmarg will be your host and the trek goes from here to the most natural locations. As you continue your trek you will be rewarded with the mesmerizing views of the pictorial streams and the Shekdur Range. The third day of the trek is dedicated to the beauty that is visible from Nichnai to Vishansar Lake. On the route, you will be able to spot the rare flora in the forest regions and valleys as well as the rivulets making the entire place look so adorable. Your trek will undergo a steep descend and will lead you to a cascading waterfall that joins the river. 

      This trek is a perfect option if you love to gaze at the undulating Himalayan Ranges. On your fourth and fifth day, the trek goes from Vishansar to Gadsar and from Gadsar to Satsar that would cover around 23 kilometers altogether. Kishansar Lake and the Gadsar Pass are to be crossed on the fourth day which are the highest points you achieve with this trek and on the fifth day, Satsar Lakes will steal your hearts away.

      Gangabal Twin Lakes are listed next to Satsar and the route will not be as easy as you think but filled with rocky terrains, boulder filled trails and forested areas. The quaint Gujjar huts will be the appreciable sights you can watch from 13400 feet height. The gurgling Nundkol Lake and Gangabal Lake must be awaiting your arrival eagerly.

      Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Highlights:

      - This is the only chance to have a look at five awesome lakes located in the valleys of Kashmir together.

      - There will be cherish-able moments created on your way to visit each lake since the background play a significant role in order to make the routes so active.

      - You are privileged to watch the snow-clad peaks and the glaciers found in the valley which are really an uncommon sights.

      - Although this trek will lead you to some steep ascend you will also get to see small hamlets and the lights flickering there.

    Quick Facts:

    Temperature: Day: 17°C-20°C and Night: 3°C-4°C

    Trekking Distance:  72km

    Maximum Altitude: 13,800ft

    Difficulty Level: Moderate 

    Starting and Ending Point: The trek starts and ends at Sankri

    Railway Station: Jammu is the nearest railway station 

    Airport: Srinagar Airport

    Base Camp: Sonmarg

  • 02Markha Valley Trek 2017, Ladakh

    Markha Valley Trek 2017, Ladakh
    • d9 Daysn8 Nights
    • NNNNN27 ratings
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    About the Destination:

    Another hidden gem in the bosom of Ladakh, Markha valley trek is a must do trek for you at least once. This trek leads you to the top of two very high passes, Gandala La (4800 m) & Kongmaru La (5150 m) and lets you feast your eyes on stunning sights from the summit. Not just this you will also come across the famous Markha hamlet that is a trove in this cold semi-arid terrain of Ladakh. During your trek, passing through the several streams and rivers and then through the remote gorges and unbridled grazing grounds. 

    On your first two days of the Markha Valley trek, you will spend for acclimatization as it is vital for a healthy trip ahead. Get a chance to explore the ancient monasteries, museum, fort, the local marketplace and Leh Palace. You will pass over Ganda La (4800 m) and arrive at the winsome Markha Village that is laced with green fields and willow trees. With a backdrop of the barren mountain and valleys, this trek also allows you to camp beside a gurgling stream with the stunning view of Kangyatze Peak. 

    You will come across some of the most verdant places of the region as you keep continuing your trek.  The outstanding views of the valleys and the snow-capped mountains will make you fall in love with this region. Get ready for this perfect trekking experience.

    About the trek:

    The Markha Valley trek takes you through some of the most enchanting features of the region as you keep continuing your trek. In a period of 9 days, you will be trekking through the verdant greenery, snow-capped mountains and the stunning dense forest. Once you arrive at Leh you will start this trek after getting familiarized with the climatic condition for two days. Get ready to explore the culture and the Buddhist tradition of the exotic place and then meet the local people as well. 

    You will come closer to Markha Valley once you reach Yurutse, your first camping ground. You will have some steep ascent from Yurutse to Ganda La, also you will get o watch the magnificent Zanskar Range and the distant Himalayan ranges. Catch the magical glance of the confluence of rivers at Skiu which will make you stare at it for long. Once you reach Skiui, you will keep trekking for around 6 to 7 hours and it will be mostly moderate climbing. 

    Marvel at the sight of the small streams and the tall trees as you keep continuing your trek. Feel the cold breeze touching your face but the distant sights encouraging you to keep moving. The lush green meadows, the silent trees and the quaint little hamlets will make all your fatigue go away. Spend some time witnessing the beauty from the top of Markha Valley. Also, witness the Kangyatze Peak. You will then take the routes through Nimaling, Kongmaru La, Sumdo and finally Leh.

    Markha Valley Trek Highlights:

    -Markha Valley is one of the most alluring regions located in Ladakh with the support of pure greenery and streams.

    -Make use of this appropriate chance to wander around the secluded place and dive into the comforts offered by the valley.

    -Markha Valley trek takes you to enjoy the unexplored beauty of Hemis National Park as well as the two most important passes named Gandala la and Kongmaru La located at a height of about 15748 feet and 17060 feet respectively.

    -Meet the local people here and share a cup of tea as you learn about their culture and day to day life.

    Quick Facts:

    Trekking Distance:  75km

    Maximum Altitude: 16,830ft

    Difficulty Level: Difficult 

    Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh

    Base Camp: Spituk

  • 03Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek 2017, Uttarakhand

    Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek 2017, Uttarakhand
    • d5 Daysn4 Nights
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • NIKITA

    About the Destination:

    Although a short trek Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek with Chopta offers you the sight of the spellbinding peaks in Garhwal district. On your first bit of the trek, you will reach Deoria Tal where one can relish the charming beauty of its lake standing at 2438m. Marvel at the sight of the mirror like waters of the Deoria Tal Lake from the Chaukhamba Peak. Enveloped with lush green meadows nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, the trail leading to Chopta offers some of the best sights. 

    Your trek will lead you to the Tungnath temple, which stands tall at 3680m and is regarded the highest Shiva shrine in the world. Get a chance to encounter with the exotic flora and fauna of this region as also marvel at the sights of the majestic peaks namely the Bandarpoonch, Kedar and Chaukhamba. You will arrive at the summit of the Chandrashila peak at about 4000m, after a kilometre long walk from Tungnath. 

    One can also find some additional experience of lodging at the Himalayan Eco Lodges and Camps at Kund which forms the base for the Deoria Tal and Chandrashila trek and overlooks the Mandakini River gushing below the Kedar peak. This thrilling trek takes you through the journey of some of the enchanting view of the major summits like the Western and Eastern Uttarakhand. Another best thing about the trek is that you get to witness the enchanting valleys and villages of this region.

    About the trek:

    Blessed with the verdant beauty of nature, Deoria Tal Chandrashila trek, this one of a kind trek is known for its amazing beauty. This exotic trek starts from  Haridwar and from there you will be passing by the views of the Ganga and Alakananda Rivers. You will also come across the pilgrim centres of Rishikesh, Devprayag and Rudraprayag. Another highlight is that you will pass through the Mandakini valley before reaching the Kund. Another best part of the trek is that you will be camping in some of the most amazing sites in the region. 

    Marvel at the sight of the dense forest covered by snow here and there. This moderate trek of Deoria Tal will take you through the quaint hamlets and the temple of Ukhimath. Pass through the thickets which are filled with the abundant bird species and gradual ascents. Each day of the trek will give you some of the best experience you could ever wish for. You will reach Chopta and pass through the rhododendron forests and the steep trails. 

    At a height of 4000 meters, Tungnath Temple and Chandrashila Peak will lure you away to explore it more and more. Behold the mesmerizing views of hued meadows and pastures as you reach the top. Catch the glimpse of the peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul, Chaukhamba. After that, you will continue your trek back to Haridwar.

    Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek Highlights:

    -During this trek, get a chance of camping by the shimmering water and under the billions of starts just above you.

    -Enjoy the sight of the dense forests, moss-covered trails and pastures enveloping the beautiful villages on this trek.

    -Start trekking through the most alpine and forests of fir, Rhododendron and Oak as you keep continuing your trek.

    -Catch the glimpse of the peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul, Chaukhamba.

    -The mountain views are razor sharp; the sunrises and sunsets jaw-dropping will lure you away completely.

    Quick Facts:

    Temperature: Day: 8°C-15°C and Night: -5°C-3°C

    Trekking Distance:  30km

    Maximum Altitude: 12,083 ft

    Difficulty Level: Moderate 

    Railway Station: Haridwar is the nearest railway station 

    Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

    Base Camp: Sari Village (7-8 hrs drive from Haridwar)

    ATM: Ukhimath has the last ATM point 13 km before Sari